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Noriu padėkoti Jurgitai ir visai Seven Tips komandai už puikų darbą rengiant konferenciją “Efektyvus, žalias, skaitmenizuotas verslas” ir sklandų paties renginio pravedimą. Esate Å¡auni profesionalų komanda.

Hubertas Petružis
Direktorius, Lean profesionalų asociacija

“Noriu padėkoti jums už nuostabiai suorganizuotą ir iki smulkmenų apgalvotą rÅ«pinimąsi renginio metu. Esate profesionalÅ«s, atviri bet kokiems iÅ¡Å¡Å«kiams ir tikrai labai gerą energiją spinduliuojanti komanda!”

Vaidas Palinauskas
Vyresnysis mokslo darbuotojas, Gamtos tyrimų centras

“This is an agency with good experience in organizing international & local events. They listen very carefully on what the client wants and find solutions for everything”

Ramona Čepulienė
EE MCO Field Medical Effectiveness and Operations Lead, Takeda

“ISSA cooperated with Seven Tips to organize three international conferences between 2016-2019. The first one took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, the second was held in Ghent, Belgium and the third one in Leiden, the Netherlands with 400-450 delegates. The colleagues at Seven Tips were very helpful during the preparation, trying to think of all the possible scenarios, propose the best solutions and also managed the conference seamlessly. I highly recommend them to organize events in Lithuania and also abroad. ”

Éva Izsák
Membership Officer, International Step by Step Association

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